38th Annual Pilipino American Culture Night



Kababayan at UCI’s 38th Annual Pilipinx-American Culture Night, "Isang Gabi: One Night"

Isang Gabi, or One Night, follows the Halimaw family. The family of six are busy preparing for a welcoming party for their newly arrived relative from the Philippines, Jejomar Santos (Joshua Blanco). Although a happy occasion, the family struggles to prepare as they deal with their own problems. Asa (Bernadette Mercado), the pregnant mother, and her husband Kap (Matthew Habana) worry with stress of raising another child. Their children (Krista Lubiano, Ernest Olivar, Jeth Buhay, Kobe Almoite) also have their own demons to battle with. Throughout, Lola Wangal (Irene Garcia), our beloved grandmother, is a constant reminder of their monsters within and the time that is swiftly passing. The combination of their struggles further turns up the pressure as day turns into night. What is in store tonight for the Halimaw family?

Pilipinx-American Culture Night, PACN, is an annual production by Kababayan at UCI held at the Bren Events Center. Not only is it Kababayan's largest event, as it represents various issues that affect the Pilipinx-American community, but it is also the largest culture night production on the UC Irvine campus. PACN is a completely student-led production involving a cast of approximately 250 participants. Through the art of theatre and traditional Pilipinx cultural dances, a message is woven that will captivate the audience and present issues that are relevant to today's Pilipinx-American experiences.

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