'Eaters Give Bruins a Run for Their Money

Jessy Cardey powered five goals for the underdog Anteaters.
Jessy Cardey powered five goals for the underdog Anteaters.

SAN DIEGO, Calif. --- The upstart Anteaters brought the house against UCLA in the third-place game falling, 10-9, Sunday afternoon at the Aztec Aquaplex. The ‘Eaters finished in fourth place and scored great efforts all around including a five-goal game for junior Jessy Cardey.

The ‘Eaters were patient after winning the opening sprint. Cardey buried her 70th goal of the season on the power play to take the early 1-0 lead. UCLA went on the power play as well, but Jillian Yocum broke up its one-time attempt. The squads traded offensive fouls before UCLA drove on the breakout and tied the match. Katie Croghan rose up with a shot, but Caitlin Dement stopped it before it crossed the line. UCI regained possession following a yellow card to Head Coach Dan Klatt. Danielle Warde’s lob shot was tipped down. UCLA responded with a shot wide. UCI earned a power play, but its shot was knocked down. The Bruins would take the lead on a long cross-cage shot. Coinciding contra fouls gave UCI the ball, but a sweep shot from Michaela Pierandozzi sailed high. Yocum made a big-time save and fired an outlet to Annika Bergesen who found Danielle Warde all alone to finish and tie the match up late in the period. The Bruins took the lead back on a point-shot from KK Clark. A beautiful cross-cage shot by Warde barred down as UCI remained down, 3-2, after one quarter.

UCI tied it up again with a good combo goal from Cardey to Hannah Croghan on the power play. UCLA missed wide in its first possession. The Anteaters came down as Cardey fired one from the side, but it was saved. Yocum would return the favor on the other end. UCI earned a huge exclusion followed by a penalty that Cardey skipped in to take the lead back, 4-3.

Following a timeout, UCLA went on the attack, but Katie Croghan jumped in for the steal. Kelsey Klatt’s shot was saved on the other end, but she got the ball back on the entry pass on the other end. Cardey’s blast went wide, but she picked off a pass and hit Hannah Croghan with a huge breakaway. Croghan missed off the bar, and the score remained 4-3, UCI. After a shot deflected wide, UCLA kept UCI out of the cage with a steal and came down with the tying goal. The Anteater offense sputtered, but the Bruins could not make anything happen on the offensive end either. UCLA got the lead back on an offspeed shot from Hannah Sebenaler. Klatt’s final shot was field-blocked while the Bruins skipped a shot before the buzzer taking a 5-4 lead into the half over the ‘Eaters.

UCI couldn’t get anything on its first possession as Cardey was attacked from behind and lost the ball. UCLA was unable to get anything going either mustering a desperation lob over the cage. UCI lost the ball on its next trip on an entry pass attempt. UCLA worked the clock and snuck a ball in the corner to stretch the lead to 6-4. UCI’s offense continued to be stagnant, but a big UCLA foul led to a breakout skip-shot goal from senior Katie Croghan. UCI would capitalize on another foul, and a great drive by Warde forced a penalty shot. Cardey skipped it in to tie the match and earn the hat trick. The squads would trade offensive fouls before UCLA would go on the power play.

Following a timeout, UCLA’s Naranjo would walk in and find a hole right above Yocum’s head. UC Irvine earned an exclusion on the next possession, but following a timeout, Cardey’s shot was blocked just high. UCLA countered and pushed a goal across after a lob to make it 8-6. UCI went back on the power play. Pierandozzi’s skip shot was just kept out by Dement. UCLA replied with a weak center forward shot. The ‘Eaters earned a power play, and a quick pass in was knocked down.

UCLA used a timeout as they went on the power play. KK Clark skipped a nice shot, but it bounced just high. UCI was unable to pull the trigger as UCLA got the ball back. A big offensive foul gave UCI a chance near the end of the quarter, but the outlet pass was fed just a little too far keeping the score at 8-6, UCLA.

UCI got a huge shot from deep by Hillary Estrada to close the gap early in the fourth. An untimely exclusion by UCI put the Bruins a man up again, but a hard shot from KK Clark barred right to Warde. UC Irvine responded quickly, but Cardey’s skip shot was saved by Dement. UCLA countered with a backhand shot out of center forward that Yocum nicked, but couldn’t grab before crossing the goal line. UCI stayed in it with another penalty shot goal from Cardey for her fourth. The ‘Eaters ripped the entry pass away and countered, but Hannah Croghan’s shot floated off the bar. UCI would get a huge field block on defense. The ‘Eater offense was held in check with a weak shot by Katie Croghan. UCLA’s counter produced a lob from Naranjo, but glanced off the cage.

Following a timeout, Cardey rose up and nailed a shot from the point to tie it up. Warde put UCI immediately back on offense with a huge steal. After a dump, UCLA would earn an exclusion. Following a timeout, UCLA converted with a big one-timer to take the lead back. Cardey would fire one from the point, but Dement would cover it. UCLA would respond with an empty possession giving the ball back to UCI. Hannah Croghan had a good look that Dement cornered off the post. As the match approached one minute remaining, the Bruins would fire one wide.

UCI got one more shot on the power play, but a pass inside to Estrada would be field-blocked as UCLA runs the clock down.

UC Irvine finishes in fourth place in its first-ever one-goal loss to UCLA. The Anteaters finish the season at 25-8, 1-2 in the 2012 NCAA Tournament. Cardey and Klatt earned all-tournament honors as first team and second team members, respectively. This marks the second straight year with two Anteaters on the all-tournament team. Cardey makes the list for her second straight year, and becomes the first Anteater on the first team. Klatt makes the list for her first time.

  1 2 3 4 F
(4) UC IRVINE 2 2 2 3 9
(2) UCLA 3 2 3 2 10

UCI goals (season total): Jessy Cardey - 5 (74), Danielle Warde - 1 (38), Hannah Croghan - 1 (51), Katie Croghan - 1 (38), Hillary Estrada - 1 (15)

UCLA goals: Hannah Sebenaler - 2, Giselle Naranjo - 2, Sarah Orozco - 2, KK Clark - 1, Erica Beebe - 1, Emily Donohoe - 1, Emily Greenwood - 1

UCI saves (season total): Jillian Yocum - 5 (196)

UCLA saves: Caitlin Dement - 12


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