Athletic Venue Rules & Regulations


To maintain a safe, enjoyable environment for all participants and spectators attending events held at the University of California, Irvine, the following items, actions, behaviors are strictly prohibited and shall result in immediate expulsion from the venue:

  • Fighting, threatening to fight or cause physcial harm to other spectators, employees, or sport officials.
  • Lewd behavior and/or indecent exposure.
  • Entering onto the playing field or court.
  • Refusing to move from an area or seat that the spectator does not have access to or tickets for.
  • Entry into a public restroom of the opposite gender.
  • Vandalism.
  • Violation of any California Penal Code, UC Regulation or Policy, Chancellor Directive, or NCAA Athletic policy.
  • Offensive, profane, or threatening language directed to other spectators, employees, or sport officials.
  • Offensive or obscene language on clothing or banners, as well as unauthorized banners.
  • Possession of bottles, cans, squirt bottles, containers, including alcoholic beverages.
  • Possession of weapons, fireworks, knives with or without sheath, horns, whistles, artificial noisemakers, bats, sticks, clubs, poles, fish nets or other net material, beach balls, frisbees, skateboards, roller blades, roller skates, live pets [including all animals or reptiles except seeing eye or hearing dogs] or any object that would obstruct the vision of adjacent spectators.
  • Failure to wear shoes, thongs, sandals, or other protective foot covering.
  • Videotaping for the purpose of scouting.
  • Flash photography.
  • Throwing objects, spitting, or deliberately dropping liquid/ice on seating areas or persons.


Upon observation of any item listed above, the offender may be warned of the violation and asked to take immediate corrective action.  If the offense is not corrected within a reasonable amount of time, the offender shall be identified and ejected from the venue.  Offenders may be photographed.

Immediate ejection shall result from violation of any item listed in bold.  Other offenders may, at the discretion of the Athletic Department Event Management Staff, receive a refund of the ticket price.

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